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Our Values

Made in Canada

All our Products are manufactured in Canada. We support fair compensation and an equitable workplace.

Cruelty Free

Our products have never been tested on animals. We support the protection of animals.



  • Your new MAKEUP has arrived

    A made in Canada cosmetics line

  • Your new MAKEUP has arrived

    A Cruelty Free cosmetics line

LB Cosmetics

Expression. Impression. Drive.


Seek your dreams and have the drive to be who you are by being confident and expressing yourself. Surround yourself with love and beauty!


Be your true self by impressing everyone, everyday and in everything you do! Leave your mark, make them wonder.


Speak your mind, be heard, be felt. We believe in being fabulous in every shade, gender, race and orientation. Everyone should feel empowered, strong and able to express their inner self, beauty and uniqueness to the world!

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